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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vacation rent for Holiday in Dubai UAE and Real Estate Properties in Dubai

Whether you are going to Dubai for holiday or investing in real estate, now you can easily get information and vacation rental properties

This is the real estate portal with wide range of residential and  Recommended properties for rent in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Plan your vacation holiday in Dubai and Safari Desert with confidency

Buy, Sell or rent property in Dubai

Real Estates Marketing in Tanzania East Africa, deals with real estate property marketing worldwide including Canada, Brazil, USA and Dubai

Travel tips are also provided to connect Real Estate Business between Dubai and East Africa especially Arusha and Moshi. 

Luxury apartments for rent in Moshi are available. These are suitable for stay when planning Kilimanjaro climbing trips.

Private Kilimanjaro trekking deals are available, booking Tanzania safaris...Learn more and book online

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

USA real estates properties houses for rent, homes for sale in all States

Real estate Information in USA all states

Easier way to find real estates, homes for sale, apartments and houses for rent and Land for sale, discover REALTOR and see more

United States Real estate tips

Buying and Selling Real Estate in the United States
The United States is rich in real estate investment benefits. That’s especially true when it comes to real estate investments.

USA leads worldwide real estate investments big attraction to foreign nationals is the variety of locales that are available in the U.S. You have beaches, mountains, National parks and game reserves. You have areas that change with the seasons and those that stay above 50 degrees all year long. Same wise like Tanzania, especially Arusha and Dar es salaam, these are tourist cities which have vacation rentals and tours for all travelers to do. Arusha city has vast beautiful land for real estate investment like hotel building, safari lodge investment, and land for farming and luxury apartments.

As varied as the locations, so are the choices of housing. The U.S. offers both historic homes and new construction. Real estate apartments in USA offers several options such as single family, duplex, condominiums, town homes, city apartments, ranches, farms, whatever your dream home, you’ll find it in the U.S.

For More information on apartments for rent, houses for sale and vacation rentals in USA, check with CENTURY 21 Global.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Land plots deals for sale in Arusha, Viwanja vya kuuza Arusha - Burka and Njiro

Buy Land plots in Arusha for residential home future. Nunua Viwanja Arusha.

Land plots for sale are available at Burka and Njiro.


Tel: +255784559111

Real Estate Arusha sells Land plots in Burka, behind St. Costantine International School. Land plots are hot cake for residential home and is near LAPF whereby they will build residential houses.

Land plots available are 840 Sq m and price is 45 M. While Land Plot of Sq M 1500 costs 80 m, this plot has a strong brick wall.

Burka land near Sable Squire for sale, this is One Acre Land and 4 acre land.

One Acre land for sale Price is 100,000 US $ and Four acre land each is 100,000 US $.

Land plots for sale in Njiro Arusha Tanzania.

Nane Nane Area, Njiro Block B, the land plot for sell has 1650 Sq m and is behind 8 8. Buy the land plot for your residential home, quiet place and cool.

Price is 130,000 US $

-- Land plot for sale in Block C, near World Vision. Has 1700 sq m and it is best place for home building.

Price is 80,000 US $.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Tanzanite mining Jointventure land Mererani Arusha and Gold trade in Tanzania

Tanzanite Mining Land joint venture at Mererani in Arusha is real estate deal available. Tanzanite is 1000 rare than Gold and expensive than Gold.

Land for mineral extraction is available in Arusha Manyara area, Tanzanite and Green garnet are available. Real Estate property deal plot in Manyara is at Block 2 near Kilimanjaro mining

Gold Trade in Tanzania is great and have high profit returns. Tanzanite gems used together with gold to make necklace, ring etc

Real estate Tanzania have more details about potential land with minerals such as Tanzanite, Green garnet, sapphire, Gold for trade and mining.

Joint venture business with local Tanzania is great opportunities available.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bitcoin online trading and travel bitcoin

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network worldwide and a new kind of money exchanging. Africa bitcoin trade is possible tourists going to Africa for holidays can use bitcoin.

Bitcoin is useful to Individuals and businesses like Travel and tourism. 



Real Estates trends houses for rent, great deal house for rent Arusha 4 bedrooms

This house for rent comes with furniture and it is quality value home for rent Arusha Tanzania. 4 bedroom house for rent in mode of 3 + 1 and servant quarter.

Garden is green, well shaved grass and trees. Look at health lawn of garden as carpet. Nice place for Family to relax.

Real Estates Africa trend in Tanzania is available at this blog, follow and get news trend real estate investment.

Call, Sms or WhatsApp: +255784811095


Beautiful Main house front side is gorgeous and has wonderful architecture. Car park is large enough for more than 2 cars.


Sitting room interior decor is fabulous with modern furniture, rent a great house in Tanzania.

Vacation rental house dining is amazing

Kitchen is big and has modern furniture

Fridge and Cooker etc

Real Estates Worldwide trends about Africa include Tanzania real estate deals.

Real Estates Deals in Tanzania include houses for sale, Land for sell, buy house guidelines, Safari lodge for lease and hotels for sale.





Tuesday, January 3, 2017

House for rent 7 rooms, garden and car park for rent Njiro Block C Arusha Tanzania.

Rent house suitable for multipurpose use on Residential and Office in Arusha Tanzania.

Travel Company and International NGO can rent this house because has several rooms, ample space and big car park.

Contact Real estate Agency in Arusha and see all properties you need. Apartments for rent, land for sale, land plots for sale and houses for sale



Real Estate property for rent location is superb, quiet place surrounded by trees and have cool air. House for rent has 7 rooms, balcony and Veranda. Has sitting room, kitchens and toilets.

Rent fee is negotiable..Contact us


If you are tempted to purchase this house, it is possible. Please express your interest and we can meet to discuss about price offer. This house is for sale if some one is interested.