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Monday, May 18, 2020

Dar es salaam apartments for rent, fully furnished, fully Air condition

Apartments for rent are available for rent in Dar es salaam city. Rent apartment in Dar es salaam with fully air-condition and furnished. apartments rental fee is really affordable, from 650,000 is available. Contact me: +255784559111

Dar es salaam apartments and houses for rent are available in several prime areas such as Masaki, Mbezi Beach, Oysterbay, Upanga, etc. Houses for rent in Dar, houses for sale, land for sale and other real estate deals available, WhatsApp +255784559111

Friday, May 15, 2020

Nyumba room 3 Sakina, bei Laki 4 na Laki 5..Affordable houses for rent

Sasa unaweza kupata nyumba za kupanga Sakina. Zipo Nyumba za room 3 na room 4, Nyumba za kujitegemea na za Kushare compound. Nyumba nzuri sana, zenye parking, fensi na geti. Bei ni kuanzia Laki 4, Laki 5 mpaka Laki 6.Karibu uhudumiwe sasa, Mawasiliano: 0784559111

You can now find Sakina rental homes. There are 3- and 4-bedroom Homes, Independent Homes, and sharing compound. Very nice houses, with parking, fence, and gate. Prices range from the US $ 200, to 250 $ or more/less. Welcome to be served now, Contact: +255784559111

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Vacation rental properties are more affordable and comfort than hotels

This is observation revealed by most holiday goers across the world. When you travel and go far far away from home, a vacation rental place is a comfort than a hotel. Talking of just one aspect of food, at the Hotel restaurant you pay for everything like coffee to water. In an apartment or home rental, you can buy your raw food and prepare meals at a low cost compared to the hotel prices. There are more other things which you can budget and save money during your vacation. 

Vacation rental properties vary in quality and price. You can find vacation properties, read reviews and compare travel deals worldwide. There are several online travel resources to read reviews and book vacation rentals. TripAdvisor is one of the worldwide famous holiday shopping places There are more than 860000 beach houses, cabins, condos and vacation rentals to Book from on Tripadvisor. Also, at Flipkey you can great discount deals, authentic guest reviews, and a comprehensive selection of more than 300000 active properties vacation rentals around the world and in the United States. Joint venture investment and lodges for lease are available in Arusha and Karatu. 
Tips for booking vacation rental properties include reading travel reviews and comparing prices. smarter traveler can save money by comparing different cheap vacation rentals across the US, Paris, London, Nairobi, Mombasa, and Jorberg. Vacation rental guide tips help tourists to find affordable vacation rentals and get a huge commission for travel agents. Same as Travel agents and individual people can invest in Africa tourism by building safari Lodge. Karatu is a town near safari game parks and has a big demand for accommodation facilities. Andrews Real Estate Properties in Arusha can help you find land for sale suitable for tourist resorts. 

Tourists going for wildlife safaris in Africa can get top quality vacation rentals in Moshi and Arusha. When you travel with a family, you can rent an apartment and do daily tour excursions. There are several tour excursions you can book at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. You can do waterfall day trips, visit Old Moshi culture-historical german museum church, do day hike Marangu and trekking Shira route. You can rent a vacation apartment in Moshi, and your children can exploit the swimming pool with Kilimanjaro's views.
You and Family can get an apartment in Arusha, cook yourself and save money. Tanzania safari parks from Arusha city are nearly located. You can arrange a day trip to Tarangire National Park, this park is the largest elephant sanctuary in East Africa. Another safari tour recommended is a wildlife tour to Ngorongoro Crater. Your trip to the Ngorongoro conservation area is an exciting trip to see rare black rhino, flamingos, large lions, rift valley and wildebeest at Ndutu area. Arusha National park is a safari park, located just a throw stone at the slopes of Mount Meru.
Contacts to help you find a real estate consultant or rent an apartment in Arusha or buy a house in Tanzania are below:
Email: estatesmarketing@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +255784559111 (connected to WhatsApp)

Monday, April 6, 2020

House for rent in Moshi Tanzania is available, Shanty town, KCMC, Uru and Soweto areas

Andrews Real Estate and Properties bring you a nice home for rent in the Moshi Shantytown area. House for rent in Moshi has 3 bedrooms, large sitting rooms, and a large garden/car park. The house has an electric fence and a remote-controlled gate.

Call or SMS for viewing +255784559111 (0784559111) has WhatsApp

If you need furnished houses for rent in Moshi, we have them in Shantytown and Soweto areas in Moshi. Houses are in 4 bedrooms plus servant quarter and 3 bedrooms. Houses for rent near KCMC hospital and Rau area near KEYS Hotels.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Houses for rent in Moshi, get beautiful home at Shanty town, Soweto, KCMC, Etc

Houses for rent in Moshi vary in prices from 400,000 to One Million, even more. Home rental fee varies depending on the size of a house, Location, and rental term. Usually long term house rental gets a discount rental fee. Shantytown is a quiet and prime residential area in Moshi, home for rent are also of high-quality value. Other best areas for a stay in Moshi are Soweto, KCMC, Rau near Keys Hotels and more. You can get a furnished apartment and furnished houses as well, contact us now:

+255784559111 WhatsApp, Call and Sms

This is 4 bedroom house in Shanty town...https://realestatestanzania.blogspot.com/p/moshi-houses-for-rent-available-in.html

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Home available for rent, at AGM near PPF Arusha..House is comfort prime house, quiet area


House for rent is available in Arusha city Tanzania. This is a beautiful home located at AGM Olorien near PPF houses in Njiro. This home for rent is located in a prime area, near the tarmac road, and close to PPF houses. It is a 3 bedrooms house, has a large sitting room, kitchen and has a servant quarter. House is suitable for home and also ideal for Office.

Contact: +255784559111

Email: estatesmarketing@gmail.com

Tell us your real estate need and we will provide you ideal property that suits your needs and fits your budget. We call upon landlords to inform us of their available properties for rent or for sale. We will do needful real estate marketing and let their house to potential tenants immediately.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Beautiful Villa for sale is available in Njiro, Arusha Tanzania

Villa for sale has a total of 5 Bedrooms; 2 Bedrooms who share 1 Bathroom, 1 Master Bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, 1 Office Room with fixed shelves, Loft (40 m2) with Bathroom and huge storage room.

This is a potential real estate investment in Arusha, a house for sale is located in a prime area and has a beautiful environment. The Property has a total Land surface of 1650m2. It is located behind TASO (Nane Nane) Grounds 800m2 from Njiro Complex Mall

Please feel free to contact me, if you think this could be the right choice for you. PRICE US$ 365,000

Email: estatesmarketing@gmail.com

Phone and WhatsApp: +255784559111

More houses for sale are available in all places of Arusha such as Njiro PPF, Sakina, Moshono, etc